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    Right now we do not plan to write our own workout app for the Apple Watch. There are multiple apps already available for this that are compatible with TrainingPeaks. There are also multiple apps that will read data from HealthKit and write it to TrainingPeaks. We are working with a few developers to support our structured workouts as well.

    These are a few apps that read data from HeathKit and write it to TrainingPeaks that we recommend.

    These are a few apps for recording workouts for Apple Watch, that are better than Apple’s workout app, that we recommend.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I am a paying TrainingPeaks customer and I would very much like this functionality. I recently switched from using my Garmin 910xt to Apple Watch 3 for my daily runs and if I cannot import my workouts from the Health app into TrainingPeaks there won't be much of a reason to keep my paid membership. Making the TrainingPeaks app import that Health data would be amazing.

    This is indeed a great opportunity for TrainingPeaks to break the de-facto dependency on Garmin devices. Not to mention that they can do so much more that just workouts, using activity, move and HR data in assessing athletes' training load and recovery. I've never worn my Garmin watch the whole day since I use it just for workouts, but I do wear my Apple Watch the whole day, every day.

    I think there is definitely a market for this. I suspect TP guys probably think that AW users do not overlap with the core TP audience of more serious amateur or professional athletes. I don't think that's really the case.

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