1. Laps and Splits Data Grid - Freeze the top row please  ·  completed

  2. Please add labels to chart columns in the TrainingPeaks and mobile apps. This feature is industry standard in presenting data. Thank you!  ·  Considered

  3. For uploaded Garmin data, only include the actual training time in computing pace/HR averages (not the entire elapsed time)  ·  declined

  4. add support for importing Digital Rowing's Rowpo and/or Concept2 logcard data  ·  completed

  5. Could you please implement to read data about weight, fat, water body composition, BMR, from Tanita devices, or, at least, from AppleHealth?  ·  Considered

  6. Please create a feature that automatically throws out bad data.  ·  Future Opportunity

  7. Display decoupling for all sport types when the data to calculate it is present  ·  completed

  8. Allow for selection of pace based run TSS even when power data are available  ·  completed

  9. add an Aerobic Decoupling value in the website data chart like in the mobile apps  ·  under review

  10. The ability to set up athletes workouts off-line, then upload the data once connected to wifi!  ·  declined

  11. Allow non TSS data be able to be unpaired from planned workouts  ·  planned

  12. Enlarge the workout data entry box so that the bike and shoe section displays without having to scroll down.  ·  declined

  13. Allow post workout comments via email

  14. Support novel metrics  ·  Considered

  15. Autocrop in Automerge  ·  declined

  16. Update the iPad and iPhone apps...  ·  completed

  17. iThlete HRV RHR AutoSync  ·  completed

  18. Customize metrics (for example to integrate Short Recovery and Stress Scale(SRSS)  ·  declined

  19. Altitude on cross country skiing  ·  completed

  20. Uploading the metrics from a Tanita BC 601 .csv file  ·  declined

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