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  1. Intergate a pre determined "route" via.gpx (etc) into a workout.

    Add the ability to load a route, harvested from many platforms, Garmin, Strava, Kamoot, RideWith GPS, etc to plan a pre determine route or segments as part or the work out. This could be imported as a past workout or a "planned" work out with data to be auto loaded into the current "planned" workout for time, distance, work,tss, if etc . This would be very useful for those of us that coach more locally based and are familiar with local routes, goals and times.

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    Thank you for the feedback. This is a common request and has been added to that project’s feedback.

    Future opportunities have not been added to our road map yet, but we are actively collecting feedback which contributes to the prioritization process. We do not want to set up false expectations and want to make sure that there is awareness that this update currently is not prioritized and does not have an ETA.

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