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    Krishna Pribadi commented  · 

    I would like to chime in:

    Totally agree that TP should import / sync glucose data from a CGM (however that is best achieved for the various ecosystems (Andoid, iPhone, Google, Garmin, and the various CGMs). I believe the most popular CGMS are Dexcom, followed by Libre. However, almost all of the "fitness & diet" service providers out there (, Signos), are pushing for the Dexcom CGM.

    For my case: I am on the Android and Garmin ecosystems. I am using a Dexcom G6 CGM. I'm able to get the CGM data to display as a datafield on my Garmin watch and bike head unit (Garmin Edge 530). Amazingly the glucose data also shows up as a time-history channel in Garmin Connect.

    See this test dataset:

    As a side comment: I am using the "Dex CGM datafield" from the Garmin Connect IQ store

    The way I understand the flow of glucose data from CGM to Garmin Connect is:
    CGM sensor/transmitter --> phone Dexcom app--> Dexcom cloud --> Garmin Connect cloud --> Garmin Connect app (phone) --> bike computer head unit (displayed / recorded locally).

    After an activity: bike computer head unit --> Garmin Connect app (phone) --> Garmin Connect Cloud --> TP. But the glucose either doesn't get sent to TP or TP ignores it. The same occurs on Strava but that's outside the scope of this request.

    I hope TP can quickly implement a solution.

    Couple interim requests:
    1) If there is an easy way to manually add the CGM data from a csv, please do share instructions.
    2) if there's an API for TP and some way to add import custom data, I'm all ears. I would be interested in writing my own script to push the data to TP.


    Krishna Pribadi supported this idea  ·