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  1. 'SQL Type' Queries on workout data but in an easier to use way  ·  Declined

  2. Add the ability to input sleep data  ·  Completed

  3. Great that Garmin sleep data and body battery now syncs but can we also have a sync for resting heart rate data and HRV please  ·  Completed

  4. Smoothing data on Graph  ·  Completed

  5. Enable sync of self evaluation data from Garmin Connect  ·  Future Opportunity

  6. Download body metrics and sleep data from my Garmin or like device  ·  Completed

  7. Automatically filter/delete bad HR and power data.  ·  Future Opportunity

  8. Add Core Temperature Data into TrainingPeaks in the same way as external temperature

  9. Nutrition Data back into Mobile App!  ·  Declined

  10. Laps and Splits Data Grid - Freeze the top row please  ·  Completed

  11. Protection of knowledge and data

  12. Sync with the Jawbone UP and the Expresso Bike ride data  ·  Declined

  13. Please enable Suunto Support for Data Import as one gets currently from MovesCount to Strava and Sportylzer.  ·  Completed

  14. Be able to compute PA:HR if power data is available (Heart Rate Drift)  ·  Future Opportunity

  15. Add breakdown of MyFitnessPal nutrition data  ·  Future Opportunity

  16. Apple Watch swim data is wrong

  17. Please incorporate Garmin sleep data into the PMC

  18. add support for importing Digital Rowing's Rowpo and/or Concept2 logcard data  ·  Completed

  19. All metrics cards to be combined automatically  ·  Future Opportunity

  20. Garmin health integration.  ·  Completed

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