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    Philip Diehl commented  · 

    I am an outrigger paddling coach and have 34 athletes (and counting) that I manage through trainingpeaks. Most of my athletes use the activities Kayak, standup up paddling, canoeing, paddling, or a similar activity.

    This is our core sport, but the problem is that these activities all roll up under "Other." However Other acts like a catch all, so Yoga, surfing, or any other activities my athletes due to cross train (or fun) all show up under "Other." This creates a challenge to isolate our core sport and analyze mileage, TSS, duration, etc.

    My solve to this has been to use "Custom" but then the completed workouts don't automatically sync with he planned workouts. I initially thought this would not be an issue, but it has turned out to be a BIG issue. My athletes are frustrated, and I am getting a lot of extra work training the athletes on syncing the workouts.

    I can recommend 2 solves for this. And I would love to see Both!

    1. Add an activity "Paddle Sports." This would be great for surf skis, outrigger, kayakers, stand up, K1, canoeing, paddle boarding, etc.

    2. Make "Customs" more custom by adding a setting where users can assign an activity to be mapped to it. For example, since outrigger is my athlete's core sport in settings if my athletes could map "Stand Up Paddle Boarding" to always be labeled as a custom activity then they wouldn't have to worry about it syncing. This solve would support other sports in this same scenario.

    Philip Diehl supported this idea  ·